aka: My preferred tech stack.


  • Debian for most things
  • Windows for gaming, learning AD and some other things

Essential software

  • i3 window manager, rofi for launching programs.
    • i3-gaps isn’t packaged for Debian currently, and I’m too lazy to build it myself.
  • Terminator for doing terminal things. Zsh as a shell, tmux for doing many terminal things at once. Bash and Python for scripting.
  • Font: A custom build of Iosevka (that you are reading right now)! In case you are curious, my config file is available here and instructions for building it are here.
  • Firefox for web browsing. Debian packages the extended support releases, so I just use them. uBlock Origin for blocking trackers and ads.

Hosting bits

  • Proxmox for virtualisation at home.
  • Puppet for configuration management
  • Cumin for running commands in many machines
  • I’m working on my own automation cookbook library, hopefully it’s in a stage where I can publish it soon-ish.


I’m planning on writing a full blog post about my home network. As of writing this I haven’t gotten around into it yet.

  • I have a separate page for my dn42 network.
  • I use pfSense for routing on my home network.
  • Microsoft Active Directory for DNS, DHCP, and RADIUS (yes, I use enterprise authentication on my home network).
  • I’m currently using UniFi for switching and for my WiFi.


  • JetBrains IDEs for code editing. I’m a student so I don’t have to pay for them.
  • VS Code for text editing when I don’t need a full blown IDE. I’ve decided to use Insiders for some reason.
  • mycli for doing things with MariaDB databases.

Web things

  • nginx as a generic web server, HAProxy on production when I only need to proxy things.
  • I currently dislike building most things with those JavaScript SPA frameworks. JavaScript is fine for adding interactivity (I mostly use Alpine for that) but I prefer rendering things server-side. As crazy as it sounds, I somewhat like modern PHP.
  • I wrote my own little utility, nima, for adding sites to nginx config. It’s somewhat inspired by Valet but it doesn’t do anything else than handle Nginx config. My DNS server wildcards *.test and *.*.test to localhost.
  • I also wrote a little script to automatically configure a database for a Laravel application.
  • Hugo for generating static sites.
  • TailwindCSS for styling.
  • GitHub Pages for deploying static public sites.

Misc stuff and things

  • The Lounge for IRC. I have ZNC between thelounge and IRC servers just so I can restart thelounge without causing join/leave spam on IRC and so I can sometimes use Irssi when I feel adventurous.
  • Phabricator for issue tracking. I haven’t been sold for its code review (at least yet) but I really like Maniphest, it’s issue tracking application. GitHub issues is ok but I would like to see some sort of native issue relations.
  • 1Password as a password manager.
  • MediaWiki for storing documents.