[0x02] The hypervisor [WIP]

Written on February 1, 2019.

This article is still a Work-In-Progress.

I have a Lenovo S30 that is currently my main hypervisor. I bought it used from workstation4u.de. I’m planning to get another one for redundancy, but for now here are the specs:

CPUIntel Xeon E5-26608c16t @ 2.20GHz
RAM4x Samsung M393B2G70BH0total 64GB DDR3 RDIMM
GPUSome cheap one that I had lying aroundOnly needed for installing OS
HDDHitachi HDS721010CLA630basic 1TB HDD, Came free with the machine

I use Proxmox as my hypervisor OS. It supports clustering and all other useful stuff.

Naming scheme

My current hypervisor is host01. I plan to name my future hypervisors host02, host03, etc.

In the beginning, my VM names were unorganized. Nowadays they all follow the same scheme:

  • Domain controllers use [host]dc[two numbers]
    • For example, the second DC in host01 would be host01dc02
  • Other services are just [service name]srv[two numbers]
    • For example, my DHCP servers are dhcpsrv0[12].