[0x00] Overview

Written on February 1, 2019.

I use my lab to experiement or play around with stuff that I can’t do elsewhere, for example enterprise networking and servers and all that kind of stuff. I am a teenager so I don’t haver a real production environment that I can play around with. I also host services locally that I don’t want to exist in the cloud.

This article will work as a directory for all articles related to my lab.

I expect that at least the following parts will exist at some point:

  • [0x01] Network setup overview (routing, VLANs, etc)
  • [0x02] Hypervisor setup and basic service overview
  • Detailed posts for some advanced services, such as
    • Puppet
    • Windows AD
    • Home Assistant
  • Possibly something about my NAS? It’s just a boring FreeNAS install in an old computer.