I am connected to the dn42 network, which is basically a playground for BGP and other large-scale networking techniques.


My primary ASN is AS4242423270. I use bird2 for BGP.

My IP space is:

  • TAAVI-NET-V4-1:
  • TAAVI-NET-V6-1: fd96:70f6:b174::/48

Domains and DNS

In addition to reverse DNS for my IP space, I control the following domains:

  • taavi.dn42
  • as4242423270.dn42

The authoritative name server for all zones is ns01.taavi.dn42 which is running bind9. I’m hoping to get a second server up and running at some point. I do not offer public recursive name servers at the moment.



This is hosted on UpCloud’s FI-HEL1 cluster.

Peering information
Wireguard hostnameuc-fi-hel1.dn42.taavi.wtf
Wireguard port20000 + last 4 digits of ASN unless otherwise specified
Wireguard public keyDrBmn9Em0yKqatZJ8wE+Uvv8uzyRzR1bTBQUZplhIXQ=
BGP peering targetuc-fi-hel1.peering.as4242423270.dn42

Peering, DNS


I’m fairly new to dn42 by myself. Unless you have a particularly good reason, you probably don’t want to peer with me. If you do want to peer with AS4242423270 under the Pico peering agreement for some reason, please see below on my contact details.

Note that AS4242423270 does not provide connectivity to or via certain parts of the 10/8 range used by ChaosVPN due to conflicts with internal addressing.

Technical details

My infrastructure is based on Debian GNU/Linux and configured using a set of Ansible playbooks.


Please see the TAAVI-DN42 person object on the DN42 registry for contact details regarding DN42 matters.