Taavi Väänänen

Hi! My name is Taavi (he/him), I am a Finnish high school student and a nerd.

I’m a Wikimedia system administrator and a MediaWiki developer with commit ("+2") access. I’m one of the primary maintainers of the CentralAuth MediaWiki extension, which powers shared accounts between multiple wikis, like on Wikimedia sites (including Wikipedia). In August 2022 I was awarded the Wikimedia Tech Contributor of the Year award by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Most of my new personal projects are on sr.ht, some older projects are still on GitHub.


My latest blog posts are:

See also the full blog archive, including RSS feeds.

Contact me

The best way to talk to me is via IRC, I’m taavi on libera.chat.

You can also e-mail me, my address (or at least one of too many) is hi@taavi.wtf. If you use PGP, my key is 3465 469C B19D 61E5 E2EA 8AFB EF24 2F70 9F91 2FBE, which is available from taavi.wtf/pgp.txt and common keyservers such as keys.openpgp.org.

I’m also @taavi@mastodon.technology on Mastodon.


This website is built using Hugo. It features a custom build of the Iosevka font. The website and its source code is hosted on sr.ht.

It uses zero JavaScript and just a couple of kilobytes of CSS styles. Most of the page size currently comes to the custom font, which takes about 25kb to fully load, even with most unnecessary characters removed.