o/ Taavi Väänänen

Hi! I’m a Finnish high school student, on my free time I play around with computers and blog rarely. My particular interests include FLOSS, self-hosting things and networking. I am a MediaWiki contributor and a Toolforge administrator.


[email protected]
3465 469C B19D 61E5 E2EA 8AFB EF24 2F70 9F91 2FBE, available from taavi.wtf/pgp.txt and common keyservers such as keys.openpgp.org.
Majavah on libera.chat
@[email protected]


This website is built using Hugo and styled with TailwindCSS. It features a custom build of the Iosevka font. The source code is hosted on GitHub (at least for now) and the site itself is hosted on GitHub Pages (no IPv6 support, boo!).

It uses zero JavaScript and just a couple of kilobytes of CSS styles. If anyone has any tips on how to reduce the size of the font files (about 2*300 kb), please let me know!